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Villa Medici is a gorgeous structure, complete with formal gardens and majestic views of Rome. It’s situated just above the famous Spanish Steps and it’s the current location of my childhood friend’s restoration job. She is in charge of cleaning and fixing and restoring marble statues, stucco, murals, and gesso (and more) within the villa. It was such an awesome private tour of this villa and her job site! I can’t wait to go back to explore even more… we only had a few hours to roam around the property this time… not enough! ;) Here are some images of those few hours at Villa Medici, in Rome.
Doors are beautiful to me. Especially if they are old. When I see them, I imagine the thousands of hands that may have pushed them open and shut them closed, throughout the years, decades, centuries.
This is a collection of doors I came across in my last trip to Italy. Specifically, these doors are from towns in Umbria and Latium and Tuscany. I might just order one big poster of this for our home’s foyer! 
Orvieto is a small burg in the hills of the Italian region of Umbria. It began, like most towns in the area, as an Etruscan village. It became, throughout the ages, Roman, Medieval and then “modern”. Not much of the architecture has changed, however. Orvieto maintains it’s position of power, atop a flat bluff made of solidified volcanic ash (called tuff – which is what 90% of the geology of the area is made of). The views from the town are beautiful: the Umbrian valley can be seen in it’s undulating hills of colorful and varied crops. I love this part of my country. It’s inspiring and it always leaves me in awe.Orvieto was new to me … even if I am Italian, there are places in Italy that I have yet to visit! My best friend Michelle went to Italy with me, this time around. She was the one to convince me to take this day-trip. I am so glad we did! Here are a few images from our excursion (many images were taken with my iPhone – and are not posted here, and 3 hours of our day trip were spent admiring the interior of the Duomo – which is a photography-free zone). 

Casa San Marco is a beautiful medieval home, remodeled, taken care of throughout the centuries, well loved and simply beautiful. MoscaPhoto had the opportunity to live in the home for one week, this past March/April 2013, to photograph it in all it’s glory. The owner is a genius when it comes to decorating and styling and designing spaces, and I was lucky enough to witness it being created, while photographing it. Casa San Marco is a rental property, when it is not being used by the family. These are but a handful of the images I have taken with many more to come, including updates on Casa San Marco’s own website! 
Thank you to Stacey for this incredible opportunity. Stars aligned for us to meet and collaborate and work together. Thank you to EVERYONE in Cortona for your hospitality and friendship (see my friend Denyse’s Tuscany Tours site!)… Grazie davvero di cuore! Non vedo l’ora di rivedervi e di farvi vedere anche le foto di quella famosa nottata di cucina! ;) And thank you to my best friend Michelle who was able to take 2 weeks off of work in San Diego to meet me in Rome, to join me in this photographic adventure! I love my life! :D
December 30, 2012 in MoscaStudio, Travels

Back in May of 2012, I travelled to my home town of Rome (and visited Umbria which is where my parents have a home). I was there for 2 week, visiting family and friends. It had been 9 years since I was there last. You can only imagine the tears of joy flowing from my eyes when I landed and began to hear Italian being spoken all around me.

As this 2012 year coms to an end, I feel that collages of highlights of travels and shoots we’ve had the pleasure of taking part of, must be posted… so many memories to share with you!

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