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 MoscaStudio: Photography Print Cropping Guide ( © http://MoscaStudio.com )

Unfortunate cropping in prints is something that comes up quite often… Cropping may occur when images are printed.


Why oh WHY do heads get cut off when you print an 8×10 inch image?!


This is normal, albeit annnnooyyyyying! ;) It’s a matter of understanding why this cropping happens at some print sizes, but not at others. MoscaStudio has been asked to explain the “issues” of print cropping, several times. For everyone’s convenience, we’ve created a very simple guide. Click below to see the entire graphic chart.


You are more than welcome to share on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and more. Out of respect for the work put into this cropping guide, please give credit to MoscaStudio.com … thank you!


The complete print cropping guide is below:

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© http://www.moscastudio.com

So much history here. New Orleans’ own Preservation Hall Jazz Band performing their incredible music at the Crystal Ballroom in Portland Oregon, during Soul’d Out Music Festival and year or two back. As I archive and clean up our thousands of images, I run into beautiful events and fantastic memories, such as when we were given a press/photo pass to photograph this event. Our very own, local to Portland, March Fourth Marching Band came on stage alongside Preservation Hall Jazz Band, as dancers on stilts maneuvered in the crowd. Amazing night! Including the fact that we were invited to meet the band and shake their hands over a beer ;) Love our job!

Images by MOSCASTUDIO (pdx concert photographers)



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Villa Medici is a gorgeous structure, complete with formal gardens and majestic views of Rome. It’s situated just above the famous Spanish Steps and it’s the current location of my childhood friend’s restoration job. She is in charge of cleaning and fixing and restoring marble statues, stucco, murals, and gesso (and more) within the villa. It was such an awesome private tour of this villa and her job site! I can’t wait to go back to explore even more… we only had a few hours to roam around the property this time… not enough! ;) Here are some images of those few hours at Villa Medici, in Rome.


The Quick and Easy Boys are a great local Portland band that simply knows how to make people move! Any party where they are the musical act, is sure to be AWESOME! We have known them for several years and love each and every one of them personally, but we also LOVE their music and whenever we have a chance, we go see them live. We highly recommend you do the same, soon! You can purchase their cds/downloads online at www.TheQuickAndEasyBoys.com but DEFINITELY go see them live! Their energy is so fun in person! Here are some images we took of their May 17th 2013 CD release party at The Wonder Ballroom, in Portland Oregon!


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Doors are beautiful to me. Especially if they are old. When I see them, I imagine the thousands of hands that may have pushed them open and shut them closed, throughout the years, decades, centuries.
This is a collection of doors I came across in my last trip to Italy. Specifically, these doors are from towns in Umbria and Latium and Tuscany. I might just order one big poster of this for our home’s foyer!