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April 12, 2016: Watch KPTV's TV interview with MoscaStudio about wedding photography tips!

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4.12.16: Watch KPTV's TV interview with Alice's MoscaStudio about wedding photography insights and tips!

Today was a debut for us here at MoscaStudio Television! Even after 13 years of being in business, we get shaky and excited about unexpected things in the world of wedding photography, and we’re grateful for that! It means that we do still care and that we are still deeply involved in the craft. We’re honored to have been asked to be interviewed by KPTV (Portland’s Fox News Channel 12) as experts on wedding photography. I was interviewed at our studio for about 45 minutes, and then our good friend James (cinematographer for KPTV), edited the set to a quick 4 minute story. He did an amazing job filling what I said to the images I submitted for “show and tell”! I am so grateful and so honored! Thanks for looking, friends! <3

Super special thanks to:

  • James and team at KPTV Portland’s Fox News Channel 12
  • Sara and Matthew at Bluemercury in The Pearl for my Make Up and Hair
  • ALL of our couples for being my spokesmodels for the story (See the images below!)
  • And Josh, for being my ultimate cheerleader and best friend <3

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KATU News has censored my comment (the transcript of which is below). They have deleted it from their article without explanation. I am incredulous and saddened about this act, as I have been nothing but positive and educational about everything. I am speechless.



‘Tis the season for wedding planning. As such… ’tis ALSO the season for bad advice to wedding couples. Bad advice usually comes from individuals whom have no knowledge of the subject they are giving advice about. The screen shot below was taken from KATU news channel 4 (Portland Oregon) PROBLEM SOLVERS page. In essence, wedding photography is a “PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED”. While I am completely ok with guests using their phones to snap a few photos here and there (when it is appropriate, at a wedding), I am NOT OK with advising couples to forego, or reduce the time of, a professional wedding photographer, “because so many people have camera phones nowadays, so why not tap into this free way of having wedding photos taken”…. THAT is wrong.

See the screen shot of the story and my response to it, below; and thank you for reading and listening! <3

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A little eye-opening post for all to read and learn from. It is not my intention to bring negativity to MoscaStudio’s blog, nor to the world of wedding photography (and wedding vendors in general). There are so many wonderful and professional wedding vendors that don’t make the news, simply because they don’t cause any “news worthy drama” that brings in ratings. What IS my intention, is to spread the word around to anyone whom is visiting here and in the process of planning for his/her own wedding. I am hoping to offer some eye-opening insight into the delicate world of wedding vendors by offering advice to brides and grooms BEFORE they choose whom to work with.

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