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My name is Alice. I am CEO and Studio Manager at MoscaStudio, LLC and I am your point of contact anytime you’d like to chat. I welcome to you to email me to discuss your event photography needs. Seeing what inspires you and what your dreams are for your own event’s photography, will help me determine which of our photographers is right for you. Our experienced associate photographers are experts in beautiful local Oregon and Washington weddings, while Josh and I (pictured above, as winners of Oregon Bride Magazine’s 2014 Best of Bride Awards) are MoscaStudio’s main photographers. We not only manage everyone’s events and see to them that they are absolutely flawless and perfect, we also offer attention to detail and years of experience, allowing us to be some of the most trusted and respected photographers in the area. Josh and I are destination wedding photographers offering luxurious and stylish concierge wedding photography with the upmost respect for discreetness, whenever necessary. We look forward to connecting with you, no matter where in the world your event might be.

A bit more about Alice: She was born in Rome, Italy. She continues to be an Italian citizen, but has permanently resided in the USA since 1995. She is fluent in Italian, Spanish and English and has lived in several countries around the world, thanks to her Diplomatic parents. Worldly travels and an origin based in the Eternal City of Rome, gives Alice a sense of romance, and elegance, and old-world timelessness that is evident in her photographs. An artist should transcribe his/her experience and upbringing into his/her resulting works. Alice’s images are strong and ageless, though they conform to each client uniquely. She looks forward to using her roots as a guide to all things photography!

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MoscaStudio is: International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers MoscaStudio is: Grace Ormonde Wedding Style Magazine #PlatinumList 2014 MoscaStudio is: Junebug Weddings - The World's Best Wedding Photographers MoscaStudio is: Oregon Bride Magazine Best Wedding Photography Studio 2013 & Oregon Bride Magazine best Wedding Photography Studio 2014.